How to wash printed clothes

Printed clothes may require extra care to keep them from fading or getting damaged in the wash. Here are some tips to help keep your patterned clothing in great condition:

a girl with a print on her t-shirt

Sort Your Clothes

Before washing, separate your patterned clothes from plain clothes or clothes of other colors. This will prevent the colors of the prints from staining other parts of the clothes or getting damaged.

Check the Instructions

Check the label on the garment for any specific washing instructions.

Turn the Garment Inside Out

When washing clothes with prints, turn them inside out to prevent prints from fading or being damaged during the wash.

Use Mild Detergents

Use a mild detergent for washing clothes with prints. Aggressive detergents, bleaches or bleach can fade the colors of the prints.

Washing in Cold Water

Wash your printed clothes in cold water to prevent the colors from fading. Hot water can damage the prints.

Don't dry clean

Avoid dry cleaning your printed clothes. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the print and cause it to fade.

Do not wash with other clothes

Avoid washing printed clothes with other clothes, especially those with buttons, zippers or other items that can damage the prints.

Don't Put in Dryer

Avoid putting clothes with prints in the dryer, as the heat can shrink the clothes and damage the prints. Instead, hang the clothes to dry outdoors. Even then if you decide to use the dryer, put it inside out, so the risk of damaging the print is lower.

By following these tips, you can keep your printed clothes in great condition for much longer.