How to iron a shirt?

Ironing a shirt is an important task for maintaining a professional and tidy appearance. To iron a shirt correctly, just follow these steps:

a lady ironing a shirt

1. Start by spraying the shirt with some water in case it's too dried.

2. Set the iron to the appropriate temperature for the shirt's fabric. Check the label on the shirt for this information.

3. Place the shirt on the ironing board and smooth it out with your hands.

4. Start ironing the shirt at the collar. You can press the back only and check if the front looks good. Press the iron firmly on the fabric and move it slowly back and forth.

5. Next, press the shoulders and the part in between the shoulders.

6. Next, iron the cuffs from inside. It will help avoiding unecessary creases on the sleeve near the cuffs. Again, press the iron firmly and move it slowly back and forth.

7. Now iron the sleeves of the shirt. Start at the seam of the sleeve and move towards the top before drawing the crease.

8. After finishing the sleeves, iron the front of the shirt. Start with the right side or the left side.

9. Finally, iron the back of the shirt, starting at the top and working toward the hem. Remember to always check the label on the shirt and set the iron temperature appropriately.

With these simple steps, you can iron a shirt properly and maintain a professional and tidy appearance.