How should self-service laundromats be used properly?

When our washing machine breaks down or when we are on vacation and want to wash and dry clothes quickly and efficiently, we always have self-service laundries as an option, and to make the best use of this service, just follow these steps:

a lady putting her clothes inside a self-service washing machine

1. Select the machine that best fits the weight of the garments we want to wash.

2. Place the clothes open and inside out in the machine. We recommend that garments be placed inside out because:

- Helps preserve the fibers of the outer fabric from rubbing against other parts or the machine drum;

- Avoids damaging the prints;

- If you mix pieces of different colors, you are much less likely to dye the other pieces, ruin them, or simply fade.

If the clothes have stains, they should not be washed inside out, in order to facilitate the action of the detergents. Finally, close the door.

3. Pay for the wash, always try to pay with coins, as there may not always be change for notes or an ATM card payment method available. Then choose the number of the machine. The payment amount will be appropriate for the machine chosen. If you want to do more than one wash or dry, as a general rule, just put the amount to pay each time and insert the number of the machine chosen or you can buy a card that can be recharged whenever you want, getting the washes and dryings with a lower price.

4. Back to the machine, you will have to choose between 4 washing temperatures. Your choice should be based on the type of clothes you want to wash.

Temperature 1- Cold wash;

Temperature 2- Low temperature wash, it is usually the most suitable for dress clothes;

Temperature 3- Hot wash;

Temperature 4- Very high temperature wash, it is good for disinfecting bedding or bathroom clothes.

After choosing the program you want, just press START and wait for the clothes to wash for the time the machine indicates. This time refers to the program chosen, because each program takes its own time.

5. When you've finished washing your clothes, put them in the dryer. Unlike washing machines, dryers usually all hold the same weight, so just put your clothes in the dryer, preferably inside out, to help them dry and not damage your clothes. Do not put clothes, accessories, or shoes that contain plastic or are made of more sensitive materials, as they may melt and soil the dryer or your other clothes. Close the dryer door. Sometimes dryers are jammed and have a warning sign on the display, in such cases, you should keep pressing the medium temperature button until a number appears, when the number appears press the pause button and the dryer is normally operational.

6. Select the number of your dryer, the procedure will be the same as when you washed the clothes.

7. Go to the dryer and choose among the 3 temperatures available:

Low temperature- For little clothes and very delicate clothes;

Medium temperature- Mostly used for dressing clothes;

High temperature- For bed linen and bathroom linen.

In the end you just have to press START and wait for the clothes to dry in the time that the machine indicates. This time will always be the same, whatever the temperature chosen. If you want to stop the drying process to check how your clothes are doing, or simply remove them, just open the door, but the time will continue counting even if you press the pause button.

8. When the clothes are done drying, be careful when taking them out of the dryer, because if you have chosen a high temperature, the clothes and dryer will be hot.

Don't forget that you are not the only one using it, so respect the arrival orders at the laundry room. If the owner of the machine you want to use has not yet arrived, you can take the clothes out of the machine and put them in the baskets or on the tables that may be there. If you only want to dry clothes, you will have to give priority to those who have washed clothes in the laundry room.

By following these steps, you will see that it is very easy, fast and practical to use this type of laundry.