Why wash inside out?

When washing clothes, it is important to always refer to the label on the clothes and washing inside out is a simple practice that many people adopt, but not everyone knows the reason behind it.

a lady on her back with her clothes on

The main reason is that washing clothes inside out helps protect the fabric fibers and prolong the life of the garment.

By washing inside out, the fabric fibers are protected from rubbing against other items during the wash and from rubbing against the walls of the washing machine drum. This reduces fabric wear and prevents it from looking worn, faded, or pilling.

Another advantage of washing inside out is that it helps keep the prints and embroidery on the clothes in good condition for longer.

In addition, washing clothes inside out can reduce the amount of animal hair and lint that sticks to the fabric. When clothes are washed right side out, pet hair and lint adhere to the fabric fibers and are difficult to remove. When you wash inside out, this lint and hair will be trapped inside the garment and more easily removed.

In summary, washing clothes inside out is a simple best practice that can help extend the life of your clothes, keep prints and embroidery in good condition, and reduce the amount of lint and lint sticking to the fabric. It is worth adopting this practice for your clothes.

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